Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Source: Guerrilla Girls
• The number of professionally trained artists and art historians in the U.S. – Males 52%, Females
• Percentage of artists at major institutions:
o National Gallery of Art — 98% male, 99.9% white
o National Portrait Gallery — 93% male, 99% white
o Hirshhorn Museum – modern and contemporary art — 95% male, 94% white
• Exhibition opportunities: Juried (artists unknown to juror) – Males 52%, Females 48%
• Exhibitions opportunities: Invited (artists known to juror) – Males 80%, Females 20%
• Gender distribution of visual artists in art texts – Males 90%, Females 10%
• Of the over 100 Tonys awarded since 1947 for theater direction, only 2-5% have been to women
Directors; only 2-6% to African American Directors.
Source: A Room of Her Own: A Foundation For Women Writers and Artists
• Only 9 out of 52 winners of the National Book Award for Fiction are women.
• Only 11 out of 48 winners of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction have been women.
• Women writers won 63% of the awards but less than 30% of the money in awards reported by
Poets & Writers. (Jan/Feb ‘03 issue).
• 94% of all the writing awards at the Oscars have gone to men.
• A recent study by the Coalition of Women’s Arts Organizations showed that in all 1-person shows
for living artists in American museums, only 2% of the featured artists are women.
• 51% of all visual artists are female and women hold 53% of art degrees, but 80% of college faculty
members are male.

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