Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Feminism and Art HistoryJudy Chicago on Feminist Art
video of The Dinner Party at Sackler

Women Art Revolution

Film: Who does she think she is?

Yoko Ono _ Cut piece with commentary
2010 at MoMA

Marina Abramovic
what is performance art?
first performance
body as medium

Freeing the Memory

‪Ulay & Abramović "Imponderabilia" [1977]‬
reenactment by
Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG

Postmodernism - Making ImagesWhat is Postmodernism?

Barbara Kruger

Cindy Sherman
untitled - film stills
becoming an artist
in her words - her characters

Sherrie Levin
After Walker Evans
NY Times Slide show
After Sherrie Levin - Michael Mandiberg

 Women Art Revolution - Interview with director Lynn Hershman Leeson 2010
clip from the film

 20C Women - Politics: Race, Patriarchy, ImperialismFaith Ringgold on Quiltmaking
on Visual Art History

Betye Saar - The Liberation of Aunt Jemima

Louise Bourgeois

Nancy Spero
women as protagonist

Miriam Shapiro - Idealism - Feminist Art - Support _ Heresies

Joyce Kozloff about her work Feminism and race and representation
career and consciousness raising

Adrian Piper

Shirin Neshat
Women Without Men trailer

Doris Salcedo
identity of the artist
on memory

Rachael Whiteread

Maya Lin

Ghada Amer

Sophie Calle


Elizabeth Sackler Center at the Brooklyn Museum
A Place at the Table

documentary 5 women artists in NYC
Our City Dreams

Examples of semester projects:
Evolution of Art in Arab world

Linda Hu

Puerto Rican Artists

Hannah Hoch

Censorship and Culture in art 


Male Gaze WAYS OF SEEING (episode two - female nude) 4/4

Women and Female Roles
Mona Lisa Smile

examples of video projects
teenage curator - ny times

gender roles

5 women artists

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