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Girlhood in the 19th C.,  American Artist

These extraodinary paintings and pictures are part of an exhibition that takes a look at 19th century girls from paintings, sculptures, prints and photographs. It is a display of how artists participated in the artistic and social evolution of girlhood, while sharing the dreams and fears that the adults felt for the children of that period.  Depicting girls as angels and domestic, it explores images of females as tomboys and working class children.

                                                    Odestry & Innocence

                                          Marion Harland
                                                 "Daughters: or Commons Sense for Maid, Wife &
                                                  Mother", 1882 (best selling novel)
Harland was an American author who was a best seller of biographies, novels, short stories and essays.  She specialized in women fictional books and homemaking and cookbooks.  "Common Sense in th Household:Manual Practical Housewifery" was a book she became well known for.  She went blind in her 90's, but published her last novel in 1919. A true pioneer for women in the 19th century.

                                       Artist, Erastus Salisbury Field 
                                  "Mrs. Paul Smith Palmer and her twins"

This painting depicts the child on Mrs. Palmer's lap who is the girl, although the boy is wearing a dress also.  There is no modeling of the children or the mother and the feet of the child sitting is drawn incorrectly purposely, as well as the mother's left hand. Clearly the mother is not holding the child with both hands. Typical photo of mother and children.

                                      Artist, William Henry Lippincott
                                                            "Childish Thoughts", 1895

This is a material cultural painting. Model scared for posing for what an artist is admired for which is societal art set in a puritan idea.

                                       Artist, Abbott Handerson Thayer
                                                                      "Angel", 1887

This painting is an idea figure of a woman being portrayed in a virtuous way, wearing a flowing white dress or blouse with angel wings and feathers attached.  Artist sometimes mixed dirt in his paint for a different texture.

                                        Artist, Louisa May Alcott
                                         "Little Women", 1868-69

Paintings and novel follows the life, love and family problems of four sisters growing up during the Civil War. Set in Massachusettes, it is based on Alcott's childhood.

"Mother said real flowers were the prettiest ornaments, for young girls." 
by Alcott

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