Monday, December 3, 2012

A WOMAN'S PLACE - A Brief Look At The Presence of Observable Femininity in the work of Contemporary Female Architects

Alejandro Hincapie

I began my semester project by looking at what we've explored in class throughout the semester. We've seen how woman artists, throughout centuries, in different circumstances, and from different backgrounds, created art imbued with certain female sensibilities and a feminine point of view. They created works that were distinctly feminine in their approach. 

With my project, I wanted to to take this idea of feminine sensibilities in art and explore its existence in architecture--something that I'm deeply interested in but haven't had the chance to formerly look at yet. I approached the subject through extensive research culminating in a 4,700 word research paper pictured below. In the paper, I took a look at modern architectural history for examples of a woman's point of view manifesting itself in a realized building. Ultimately, I focused on the work of three female architects working today--Kazuyo Sejima, Jeanne Gang, and Zaha Hadid--and looked at critical reviews of their work to see if there is indeed a distinguishable femininity to their work. 

The results of my research were interesting and ultimately left me with more questions to explore in the future. I look forward to examining architecture in general more extensively as well. You can read, download, and print my research paper at this link

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