Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ive thought about this, having heard a few of your presentations, and what you hope to achieve with them. I will not claim to start a group or raise global awareness. Those of you who know me better, know im arrogant, but not enough to say that i can affect the career and the standing of somebody with the global recognition of Didi Surdu-Stanescu.

So the question is, who am i targeting this towards. And thats you, the class. Luckily the class presentation will give me your ears as a captive audience, since i doubt many of you will get to read any of the posts here.

Ive been giving this a great deal of thought, and i ask myself how many of you can honestly say you like some of the more modern pieces. Forget about them being man or woman, black or white. The piece of art itself.

Be it a patterned tapestry, or painting of can of soup, would you hang that up in your house and like it? Well, maybe the tapestry might be nice. But then again, i have license plates on my walls, and that isnt art. As beauty, art is in the eye of the beholder, so i cant say what you might like, based on what i like, so it is why im hoping that some will look into Didi's work.

And assuming you havent seen any of it before, you will be able to see for yourself without being told to like or dislike it.  You wont have to worry if you say something like "I dont like the Monalisa" because everyone should see the artistry in that, right?

But going back to Didi. Besides the reason of me knowing her since i was a kid, there is something else that i feel is relevant. In todays day and age, technology has pushed its way in almost all aspects of live, save for a few of us stubborn backwards types.

So does modern art have to include technology? Must it be "great social import"? Some art does (although personally i still cant see all social and polical "art" as art)

The answer isnt a clear one, but one to make you think and decide for yourself. If you like art that is cans of soup, or pictures of tables, thats great, but im sure many of you are left scratching your head not getting it.

Didi's work is more traditional, since its sculpture, something we all know as being an art, and not having to be told its art (another aside, how many times have you seen something and wondered if it was art, but instead turned out to be junk mangeled together?). Art should be esthetic, at least the way i see it. Art should inspire all sorts of emotions, thoughts. It shouldnt guide me too much into thinking this or that, but it should make itself known as art.

So, if one of you should decide to click the link, and maybe google search on your own, or read more, and decide that you like what you see, then im happy. Didi can fill her own galeries without my help. She has done it since before i was born, but if somebody in this class should decide to show interest, then i would consider this assignment a success.


(also an article if any of the articles above dont translate well)

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  1. Overall I liked your post, and YES i did read it!! but i do like your honestly which you incorporated well into this post.