Tuesday, December 4, 2012

                                      Semester Project                              Research Paper                                PowerPoint                         By: Amanpreet Pall

For my semester project I wrote a research paper on the sexism and gender inequality female Indian artists face. I write about the restrictions they have, how they compare to female American artists who have much more freedom and opportunities, and how Indian men can paint whatever they like without facing any judgement or criticism a woman would face. Even though India is changing along with the world and becoming more modern, the culture and tradition is still the same. Women are still second class, don't have any rights that compare to that of a man and despite having female presidents, this country cannot handle a strong woman who defies the norm. The norm of an obedient housewife, perfect mother and juggling everything else in-between barely having any time for herself. I posted this paper on Scribd and emailed it to SAWCC (South Asian Women's Creative Collective). This is a "nonprofit arts organization dedicated to advancement, visibility, and development of emerging and establishing South Asian women artists and creative professionals". 

Being an Indian woman myself, I am a new hybrid of a generation in America that has to balance the freedom of an American woman and restriction of an Indian woman. Despite the freedom I have in this opportunistic country, my life is still bound to the fundamental and traditional values of the Indian culture. In this paper I pour my heart out and my views on sexism and gender inequality that not only everyday Indian women face, but Indian female artists. I am thankful for all of the knowledge learned in this class for it has helped me grow as a woman and shape my ideals and principles more. I hope you all enjoy my paper and power-point presentation for it possesses a passion I have always kept bound, but now it is free to countless eyes. Thank you. 

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  1. I thought your project was really amazing. It was interesting because you brought another angle of art and women by focusing on Indian women and eastern art and how that impacted you and your family.