Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Semester Project: Illustration of The Great Female Artist's.

I decided to create an illustration of the most amazing female artist's of all time. After being in the class I learned something that I never learned in High School, and that was females were great artist's too. I plan to frame the illustration and place it on my wall. When people ask me who are they? and who did it? I can reply that it is my modern day homage to the women that the history books forgot. Finding information about these great women is much harder than finding information about the male artist's like Picasso, and Di vinci.  Having these women on my wall will not let me forget and will educate others as to who these women are without having to search too hard among the many male artist's. I decided to choose female artist's from every race to show people that art can not be defined by race, culture or gender. Art is not male or female, black or white, Asian or Latin. Art is universal but for some reason we have only been taught about the contributions that white males have made to the art world. My illustration is nothing more than my way of honoring these great women for their contributions to the art world.

Can you name 5 female artists?http://nolafemmes.com/2010/03/05/can-you-name-5-female-artists/

Information about female artists.


Info on Harriet Powers.

Info on Frida Khalo.

Info on Pan Yuilang.

Info on Georgia O'keeffe

Info on Artemisia Gentileschi

Info on Alma Thomas

Info on Jan Johannes Vermeer.

Link to my Illustration.


  1. I love your inspiration and you are a great drawer!

  2. i think you did a great job of capturing the essence of those artists! seems through just the natural pencil/crayon drawings really pulled out the facial expressions and perhaps what they were thinking at that time!

  3. I know u got Frida kahlo in there also and to me, your project could be the beginning of a new era in modern arts...Kudos.

  4. I really liked your art piece. Not only because of all the great female artists but because of the fact you did it in crayons. Really nice job!

  5. I liked the fact that your project was something very different than what other did. It was very original and it came out to be a really cool painting.