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Black Women in Films: Hollywood !

                                                      Art & Women Project!
                         Black Women in Films by Direne Price

Well. let me begin by saying..." Black Women are the most beautiful, angry, mean, lovely, difficult, loving, honest, sexy, sneakiest, nosiest, funniest, diverse, complex creatures on the planet!" Oh! did I mention these are just some of the adjectives that are used to describe Black Women in the World!!! Yet, why is it so hard for us to get roles in Hollywood that speak to our complexed, but enriched lives and culture?

So many bleak opportunities offered to Black Women in Hollywood for movie or television roles, but Why are there few films where the Black actresses are not sitting down at the table eating, but are always the ones who are serving the dinner???

    Oh! I forgot one adjective; I'm seeing R.E.D. (Real EVIL Diva) 
             a Direnism!

Angry? yes!  Here's a movie title for you! Can you say....Diary of a Mad Black Woman???????????
               A Tyler Perry Joint!     creator,  director, producer, writer... and employs black actresses!! Who else is going to???

There are stories told by Black Women in films that impact audiences across all racial color lines, but only get little recognition. This is prevalent in Music, Fashion and The Arts(painting and sculpture) World too!

 Movie Films are considered Art because they are filled with still and moving images! 

After 100 years of racial inequality, stereotypes and marginalized roles, Hollywood is not ready yet!?

Stereotypes of Black Women in Early Film and Television


           "SEE , I TOLD YOU.... black women have an attitude."
                                                       T.V. Show  " Family Guy"

  "Do you mean to tell me that I cook, clean and even breastfeed some of  your children, but I can't take a vacation boss 'em????
                                                                  yess 'am!!!!!
Film "Gone With The Wind"
 Hattie Mcdaniels
First Black Oscar Winner!
We had to wait 50 years later for the last woman; remember??


Listen!" I did not give up my 40 acres and a mule so I can be pushed to the back of the bus again, yah hear?" You tella girl!
I mean yes ma'am!!!
Film "The Help"
Viola Davis

"Even in our most trying times, we still manage to look beautiful and hold it togetha. At least it seems that way on the surface!"

Black Women usually star in films only after they have made it in the music industry. Diana Ross is a perfect example!!!

                                          Film " Lady Sings the Blues" Playing Billy Holiday

                                                                     Diana Ross

                       "Being oppressed means the absences of Choices"
                                                                           by bell hooks

                            "Thinking critically is at the heart of anybody transforming their life"
                                            bell hooks  

bell hooks, author, intellectual and scholar says  in her Cultural Criticism Video that the color coding of black female bodies has re-inscribed what the female body is as they are used in sexist, pornograpic imagery for films and music videos.   "Any kind of black female body comes into greater representation solely along the sexual term that we have been historically represented within the mass media."(hooks)

 She also suggests that the images of prostitutes and slutty women willing to do anything have been a function of racist and sexist stereotypes in get reproduced in rap music and in films. Sadly, this color cast system is being affirmed in America and the Media today. Dark-skinned women are less desirable by Hollywood and even in television, rap, or music videos. "We  didn't change it, we embraced this, now we have to live out the consequences of it!" (hooks   )


HE  told me that he could make me a star!!!!! But... He never said how?? I'm available for Bar Mitzvahs and Bachelor parties too!

Google Images: Video Vixens

"Hey , I Stayed in this position for hours as an extra in a rap video and all I got was one hundred dollars, an order of chicken wings and this fake *** chain???

"No longer will I be caught up in a profession that tells the man to "just leave the money on the dresser sweetie!"  Or a man asks me how much?

The Message:

The voices of Black women in supporting and starring roles as smart, educated and srong have to be heard throughout Hollywood in order to change and redirect the perception of what it means to be a Black Woman, thus having more positive roles sent their way.

Me!! see reference page!


  1. I must say that I've never thought about Women and Hollywood in the way you, in particular, blog; yet, I get your point! ....short video/clip from Family guy is super funny...lol ;)

  2. Great Blog ! & my favorite quote is :
    "Black Women are the most beautiful, angry, mean, lovely, difficult, loving, honest, sexy, sneakiest, nosiest, funniest, diverse, complex creatures on the planet!"

  3. ....and Enrique is right, video from "Family Guy" is hilarious!

  4. ..I really enjoyed this post and I can definatley see you saying the beginning part, I can agree with you and the roles that many Black Women play in films, it's honestly sad, but I know gradually, but surely things will change.

  5. I really enjoyed you presentation and your post , I can relate to your topic and how each race is portrayed a certain way ! Good Job