Monday, December 3, 2012

The Finale: Art Project Summary

By: Jennifer Ezeuka

Artist: Thelma Johnson
Way back in history, women were denied rights that men on the other hand were given.  It wasn’t until later that women were also given these same rights, but they all still faced a lot of discrimination.  In terms of the art world, women in general weren’t taken serious.  The only way women were taken “serious” was if the she was born into a wealthy, art inclined family, or in most cases if she was she was willing to be over shadowed by her husband.  The 19th century began with the emergence of female African American Artist, which was very rare at the time.  People such as Edmonia Lewis and Harriet Powers paved the way for future African American female artist. Basically this blog will showcase the art from the early 19th century to present of many African American female artists.  I did this by showcasing the progress, change, style, and mediums throughout history.  What shaped my idea honestly was this class and the scarcity of African American artist in general.  So as a result, I felt that I wanted to draw more light on them.  I began by first researching African American women artist throughout history.  Chadwick’s book definitely helped get me started, from here I than made a list of artist whom I found interest in.  After this, I searched the artist along with their works and decided which pieces I wanted to incorporate into my blog.  As you may or may not know, a blog is a continuing thing, it doesn’t just end after this.  My blog is also open to the public, which leaves any and everyone to leave feedback and share art.

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  1. impressive. i like the fact that you brought to bear art from a different perpective. keep it up.