Monday, December 3, 2012

Semester Project Summary: The Wage Gap Between Women and Men

By: Dhruti Shah

     One of the most basic rights women have is to work freely without being discriminated against, yet in the 21st century, more cases are being brought to court and more situations are occurring where women are coming forth with discrimination issues in their companies.  There are three common problems that women encounter in the labor market.  The first issue is that there are fewer women accessing the market.  The second is that women are seen being promoted and being offered positions less often than their male counterparts and the third is the wage gap, which is the topic that I focused on.

     I believe that it is extremely important for women to have knowledge about the difference in pay, because after college, every single individual will be pursuing a career where they will be compensated.  Sadly, many women today are unaware of the gender gap since there are rules set out stating that employees are not allowed to discuss their salary and most people also do not find it necessary to inform others about it either.  This creates a barrier for women, because they will not know what their salary should be compared to what it currently is.

     Also, the big question is why is there still a wage gap in the 21st century and how do we get rid of it.  After thorough research, I attempted to answer all the major questions by finding seven main reasons, what the government has been doing all this time and some suggestions as to how the issue can be resolved.

For more information on the wage gap you can click on the link
My powerpoint video presentation

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  1. The wage gap is definitely a prominent issue in the workforce. The ideas that you presented, as well as your video showed that it was a topic you were interested in, and researched thoroughly!