Monday, December 3, 2012

Solemn Oath

This the end of the journey...and the beginning of a battle.
This is for the teens that choose to hide their emotions and look right into the eyes of a fixed future.
Here it is to the ones who never wanted anything more, but to please someone else.

Find your inner warrior and take charge of your forthcoming.

The blog I made takes note of all the emotions I has ever felt and witnessed in others. They are shown within my own art, my poetry. I compare me works with Barbara Kruger, she was my inspiration for this project. Her decorative ways of using different black and white photos with unique saying. The combination makes you think of different meanings behind the photos.

One of my favorites would be:
"Your Body is a Battleground"-Barbara Kruger

I really like this photo because it emphasizes the way women try every different way to make themselves beautiful. The picture also reminds me of the evil queen from Snow White, she tried every which means to make Snow White disappear. So that she would rule over the valley with her beauty and power. However at the end of the movie it was all just a waste as she turned herself into an old hag (showing who she really was on the inside). So Snow White shows the power...the need for youth, of women in society just like the art done by Kruger. In my blog you will see different poems I have written myself and various photos which accent the deep meaning of my blog. /
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  1. The poems were amazing really love it !

  2. I loved your project. I thought it was really amazing that you write poems and having you share it with the class.

  3. Your poems were awesome and I liked how intrested you seemed about the topic.