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The Artist that I am mainly looking into, their artworks I chose are pertaining to race, ethnicity and body image.

Lily Martin Spencer- "Height of Fashion":

Lily Spencer painting, the "Height of Fashion" is shown at the right. The painting shows a young African American girl with a fake monocle, pet dog and her pinky finger extended which shows her bring fashionable.The artist, Lily Spencer poked fun at the child's mannerisms associated with high society. Lilly Spencer was one of the most famous artist during this time during her time. The humor she used in her works with the stories she told  through her paintings are what made her so popular. 

Barbara Kruger- "Your Body is a Battleground":

I really like this photo because it emphasizes the way women try every different
way to make themselves beautiful. The picture also reminds me of the evil queen from Snow White, and how she tired to be the fairest of them all. I like how she used the black and white images and color blocking the words. It really makes everything stick out. The deeper message behind this is an inspiration.

Frida Kahlo- " The Two Fridas"

Frida Kahlo was of the most interesting artists we learned about in class. I loved all the issues and turmoils she faced throughout life, however she came out on top through it all. She was an artist that was famous in her time and that is a spectacular feet. This painting shows how Frida was two people but their hearts were connected as one. The Frida in the white dress represents the Western influence on Mexico, while the blue dress represents her Mexican heritage and how she would prefer to dress.

Augusta Savage- "The Harp"
Augusta Savage was a very amazing sculpture due to her abilities in the Harlem Renaissance. "The Harp" is a  sculpture depicted of a group of twelve stylized black singers in graduated heights that symbolized the strings of the harp. "The sounding board was formed by the hand and arm of God, and a kneeling man holding music represented the foot pedal" (1939). This sculpture was beautiful and it took so much time to be created...sadly it was demolished after the fair in was presented in.

Eva Hesse- "Ringaround Arosie"
 The picture to the right is called, "Ringaround Arosie" it was done by the well-known Eva Hesse. she was the woman artist to be taken as seriously as the boys. In her artwork she had references sexuality, and humor. In this sculpture she references boobs/ breasts and how they have toe ability to be different sizes. Her work was very interesting to be because it broke all of the rules pertaining to old views of sculpting. 

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