Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Female gamers

For my semester project I wanted to concentrate on the social issues of female gamers.  Females who play video games, especially ones centered around online gameplay, at one point or another have had encountered sexual harassment or harassment in general from male players.  Under the anonymity of the internet, they do not fear repercussions from authority so harassment and sexism runs rampant in the gaming world.

Personally, as a female gamer, I have encountered harassment online and I believe that this inappropriate behavior should be called out upon and shunned.

As a digital illustration major in the Fine Arts department, I've always thought about the idea of creating a comic or book and this project has allowed me the freedom to do so.

My project is an on-going comic/manga in which is centered around a girl who chooses to creates a male character in an online multi-player video game because of how she was/would be viewed if she played a "female character," and how she is treated differently compared to her female counterparts and the issues that will come with pretending to play as a male.  Her skills are unparalleled and is eventually scouted and asked to participate in a gaming tournament.

To view the comic & other related illustrations please visit my website at http://sho.queenhawkeye.net

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