Tuesday, September 11, 2012

For The Love of Art!!!

                                                              "Portrait d'une negresse"
                                                French artist, Marie -Guillemine Benoist

This  portrait  taken in 1800 was viewed as a voice and protest of a story of human bondage. Some saw it as a show of support for feminism and black rights. This was taken six years after the abolition of slavery in France.

Hi I"m Direne, but I'm affectionately called  "Lady Di" by family and friends.  I'm an Educator, teaching and reinforcing the message of value and love to our children of the future.  Feminism is important to me because I am a champion of Women's Rights.  I love to do research on topics that impact the lives of women in America.  I am a collector of black art and paintings because it speaks to the richness of my ethnicity and how black art  is infused in various cultures around the world.   The wonderful thing about  art is that we all can view a painting or a picture by an artist, but have a different perception on what we gaze at  through the naked eye or what we believe is happening.  I am studying Meda and the way I study people is how I view art; intensely and methodically.  Therefore, art history fits into my world perfectly!


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