Monday, September 10, 2012


Hello, my name is Giselle Flores, I am currently a junior majoring in Criminal Justice. There are two reasons I am taking Art and Women. One, it satisfies one of my requirements, and two I am eager to learn more about the influences women have had and currently have in the Art culture. I must admit this is my first time taking an Art class, I look forward to expanding my knowledge. Taking history classes, and doing readings I came across artist such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent Van Gogh. I barely learned anything about influences women had in the art culture, one woman I did learn about, however, was Frida Kahlo. I liked her work and was intrigued by her story. But, am I a fan because she is the only one I know anything about? I look forward to answering that question in this class and learning more about amazing woman and there influence on art world.

Like the Women's Rights Movement, nothing has come easy to women especially because as some may say "This is a Mans World". But I do believe anything a man can do we can do better. Therefore, I look forward to learning about the women whom were strong enough to stand for something even if they at times did stand alone.

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