Monday, September 10, 2012


Hi my name is Christian and I'm a Junior here at Rutgers but I transferred from Hudson County, which I was there for 2 years and transferred. I'm pursuing a BFA in Graphic Design with 2 minors(Art History and Psychology). I'm Ecuadorian and I've visited my country numerous times to know how beautiful and peaceful it can be. I was born in Jersey City, NJ but my parents are Ecuadorian. I speak both English and Spanish in my house. I'm not very familiar with the art world but I do see what others don't consider art, mainly Video Games. I don't want to be the guy who has to show everyone what I believe in, but I do draw inspiration from it. I hope I can be very expressive in my career and be very professional about my works. That's why I'm here! I hope I can learn to be equal in the works that inspire me, male and female artists. I do have strong opinions and often negatively about feminism, but the wrong man-hating/blaming type of feminists. I believe woman can be strong and independent and very artistic but they do have limitations because of social norms. If they can be broken, then we have an equal future. Learn the past to break the future. I hope I can learn as much as I can in this class to push myself forward with enough insight. I made this in my GDIII class from scratch, except the symbol in the middle....

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