Tuesday, September 11, 2012

artistically unartistic?

 Hello!! My name is Jennifer Ezeuka and I recently joined the class, "Art and Women."  I'm a junior, accounting major, and I plan to become a CPA in the future.  Honestly I can't say that I'm artistic, but I have always had an eye for art and recognizing artistic things.  I chose this class because it fit my schedule and yes, I needed a fine arts class.  I feel that feminism, art, and history fit into my interest because although I am a business major, art has always been something I found to be interesting.  I've always had a love for history and I won't say I'm a feminist, but I do stand up for women's rights.  In my 20 years of living a piece of Art that stood out to me would have to be Claude Monet's "The Water Lily Pond."  I actually seen and walked through a live replica of this at a place called "Grounds For Sculpture" in Hamilton, New Jersey.  What caught my attention about this picture was the use of colors and the overall atmosphere transfigured in the drawing...below is the picture and a link of many pieces by Claude Monet...Enjoy!


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