Tuesday, September 11, 2012


My name is Tiffannie Diaz and I'm an undecided sophomore. I'm interested learning more about the image of women in art and women artist for several reasons. I have a really close relationship with my sister who is an Art History major with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies. This would be one class that really captures a bit from both those. She is constantly rambling about all the things she learned and pushed me to take this class because of how useful the knowledge has been in other classes that did not immediately seem related. Another reason  is more personal; I grew up with so many contradicting ideas about being a woman. One example would be my grandmother constantly telling me that I would be a better person if I was born a boy and how unfortunate it was. My uncles would tell me that I was a boy when I did something well but as soon as I did something wrong it was because I am a girl. I know now that it isn't that way but I definitely have loose ends where the topics in this class will help tie.

Out of all the paintings that have been flashed in my face over the years one that has stuck to me is Susana and the Elders by Artemisia Gentileschi because not only is it made by a female artist but because it contrast dramatically with interpretation of male artists of the same scene. Women do have something new and different to offer that does not have to be in the foot steps of man. This piece does not only live on the canvas but also in modern times. Artemisia made a painting that relates to so many current issues. When contrasted to the paintings of Guido CagnacciSebastiano Ricci, and Alessandro Allori one thing is clear Artemisia depicts a victim while all three men show women who are willing participates who tempted the men. Comparing these paintings is like looking at two sides of a a rape case.

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  1. Great post. As you imagine, we are certainly going to discuss this painting quite a bit! Thanks for introducing it here.