Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oh hiii!

Hey everybody, my name is Francine Karpeh. I am a sophomore, and I'm majoring in Marketing at Rutgers Business School. I do plan on switching my major, but I'm not exactly sure on where to switch to. I have a deep desire and love for helping those around me, particularly disadvantaged women and children. I want to be a community's advocate.

I am taking this course because I am almost done with my Business School prerequisites, allowing me to take courses of immediate interest to me (i.e. Women's Studies courses). I think feminism/art fit into my studies and interests because I'm all about women expressing themselves fearlessly, despite numerous outside boundaries. Art & Women celebrates and educates students about some of those women.

Below is a picture that my mom has owned since before I was born. It's called "Give Mommy Some Sugar", and it was painted by Tom McKinney. To me it represents the unconditional love a mother has for her child, far removed from the complications and tangles of an urban/modern environment. Just her and her child surrounded by nature. Even though there may be hardships for them (poverty, absence of a father, etc.), their  strong mother/child bond will serve as a beautiful shelter.


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