Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Take Aim

Hello, I'm Al, to who might be reading this at this point. Its always tough to describe oneself in one paragraph, so i wont even try. I will give a glimpse through the answer of why I am taking this class. Is it required, yes, was it the only one that fit my schedule? of course. Its after the first class that one can say if they are interested or not. Art has been interesting to me as far as defining beauty. Even in mathematics beauty occurs, just look up the Fibonacci. The second part is the feminist part, and here is where arguments might ensue. I'm the bad guy, the oppressor, I'm the MAN. Still, I'm here to learn, and while I agree with quite a lot of what feminism says, I'm not always on board with others things, not by prejudice, but by personal preference. Am I evil for liking girls with long hair? Well, whatever the answer may be, and whatever i may learn, its such things i doubt will change. So then, now I'm more naked...but its ok, I don't need a mirror for it to be ok to look at me.

All kidding aside, this should be a very interesting course, and yes, i know its only supposed to be one paragraph, but its always harder that writing 20 pages, isnt it. Heres a link to pure beauty

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