Saturday, September 8, 2012


Hey Everyone, 

My name is Pritika Das, and I am a senior here at Rutgers. I have a double major in Finance and Management, and will be graduating in May 2013. After graduation I plan on working in the Investment-Banking sector, specializing in Wealth Management. I chose to take "Art and Women" primarily because it fulfills the fine arts requirement, although the feminism aspect of this class could relate to the progress of women’s status in the workplace; an aspect that I would be interested in. I am also looking forward to learning more about successful women artists, and how they have persevered to make their work, and their careers successful. In terms of my own artwork, I enjoy taking photographs of new places that I visit. Two summers ago my family and I visited Rome and Capri, Italy and I was able to really appreciate the place for its history and art. Here is a picture of the Colosseum which I took while I was on vacation. Being at the Colosseum was an enriching experience, and click  here for a link that gives an accurate description about its history. This was my first time visiting Italy, and I loved taking pictures of all the sites!

Photo Credit: Pritika Das, taken in Rome, Italy 2011. 

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