Monday, September 10, 2012


Hi everyone!  My name is Carol Woo and I'm currently a senior and aiming to get my BFA in Fine Arts.  My concentration is Digital Illustration and I am also minoring in Art History.  After graduation I am either thinking about going to graduate school or improving my skills as a freelance artist.  My dream job would be illustrating for a gaming company.

I am taking this class because it fulfills an art history requirement and I also always wanted to take a Women's Studies course but it has never fit into my schedule until now.

As a female artist, I feel like that I should be more knowledgeable about how other female artists were treated in the past, and the present and to change that perspective in the future.  This summer I worked with Jane Benson to assist with the installation of her work, "Mirror Globe (Mapping the New World)".  Working with Jane this summer really opened my eyes to how much preparation and work (and non-stop criticism from the construction workers!) there is to be done to create a work like this, and I really admire her spirit and her diligence during the time I've worked with her on this installation.

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