Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hello To All,

My name is Regina Lawrence and my intended major is Fine Arts and I am a junior. I've always been an artsy person from a very young age. My interests are drawing, painting, photography, ceramics etc. I haven't yet found my niche but I plan to soon with the guidance of my art classes, professors and personal research. I plan to open several businesses in the goal to never ever ever ever have to work for someone. I honestly have no opinion about feminism nor have I thought about it affecting my life, but I do know it exists. History has not been my favorite subject at all but after taking Museum and Community with Prof. Thomasos it has given me more insight and the search for a deeper understanding about art and its history.

We live in a very social world so here I'll provide my Facebook page...
Also I love any and everything about Egypt so here's a picture I favor!

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